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Clean multiple surfaces with the CrossWave®

This unbelievable machine vacuums and washes hard surfaces AND cleans and freshens area rugs!

The multi-surface CrossWave® vacuums & washes at the same time. Special TV offer: FREE bonus kit AND a limited 2 YEAR Guarantee (£70 Value!) Pay with either 1 payment of £249.99 or 3 payments of £83.33
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Order the BISSELL CrossWave® today!

Included with your CrossWave®:

  • Dual-Action Multi-Surface Brush Roll
  • Innovative Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Formula
  • Easy-Clean Storage Tray

Plus £85 in bonuses!

  • BISSELL® Featherweight Pro 2-in-1 vacuum worth £45
  • FREE additional brush bars
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

And FREE with your order!

  • Free shipping
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Outcleans the leading rental*

At half the size and weight with uncompromising results

Dries in about an hour**

Quick and easy carpet washing

Antibacterial Formula

Kills odour causing bacteria

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3 payments of £83.33
1 payment of £249.99
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CrossWave® Features

  • Multi-surface cleaning

    Vacuum & wash your sealed hard floors and area rugs

  • Powerful Suction

    Lifts up debris, dirt and dirty water from your floors

  • Cleans Area Rugs

    Cleans and freshens area rugs

  • Easy Clean

    Brush roll is clean and ready to store

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Product details & specification

Product Features

BISSELL CrossWave™ Wins Red Dot for High Quality Design International juried competition chooses CrossWave for Product Design award GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 10, 2017 – CrossWave™ All-In-One Multi-Surface Cleaner, the latest product innovation from BISSELL Homecare, Inc., has been named a Red Dot winner for 2017. The expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 has recognized CrossWave with the internationally sought-after seal of quality. CrossWave vacuums and washes floors at the same time — freeing up busy schedules and over-filled storage closets. This all-in-one product also transitions seamlessly between hard surfaces and rugs or carpet, cleaning on hard floors as well as freshening area rugs.

The Crosswave is a first of its kind multi-surface floor cleaner that washes, vacuums and dries your floors all at the same time. It has powerful suction to rid your floors of unwanted dirt and dust, whilst simultaneously scrubbing using the unique multi-surface brush roll. You can use it on rugs, tiles, sealed wooden floors, laminate, lino, and vinyl.

When it comes to hard floors, The Crosswave washes to a remarkable standard, its brush-roll and multi-surface formula powers through stains and sticky messes for a thorough and streak-free result. Seriously, drop a bowl of cereal or a raw egg on your kitchen floor and the Crosswave will clean it right up. Likewise, if you want to revitalise your rugs, this device injects a solution of warm water with multi-surface cleaner into the fibres, whilst the rotating brush dislodges and removes dirt.

To make your cleaning process even easier, The BISSELL Crosswave has digital fingertip controls so that you can change settings as it glides across your floors. If you’re a pet owner, the simplicity and ease of this product makes it ideal. For instance, it picks up and wash away dirty paw prints and food trails. In addition, a busy family home can often lead to lots of little messes, which can be solved with the vacuum function.

So, the BISSELL Crosswave has several time-saving functions and keeping it clean is another. In fact, you don’t even ned to take the brush roller out! Just follow these basic steps:

  • 1) Fill the cleaning tray with clean water
  • 2) Pop the Crosswave in the cleaning tray
  • 3) Press the hard floor button and recline the machine
  • 4) Allow to run for 15 seconds until all water is picked up
  • 5) Simple! The brush-roll is now clean

Crosswave is your helping hand to keeping dirt at bay. It eliminates the need for multiple devices, therefore saving time and money. It’s suitable for any household, has a slim body for neat storage AND is fun and easy to use.

Technical Specs

Name BISSELL CrossWave™ All in one multi-surface cleaning system 1713
Model 1713
Free Delivery Yes
Type All in one multi-surface cleaning system
Colour Titanium/Blue
Power 560W
Floor types Hard Floors and Area Rugs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 115.5 x 31 x 31cm
Weight 5kg's
Cable Length 7.5m
Clean Capacity 828ml
Dirt Capacity 620ml
Tools Included
  • 1 x Storage Tray
  • 1 x Brush Roll Drying Tray
Accessories BISSELL Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula
Warranty 2 Years Limited
User GuideDownload PDF

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Do I need to vacuum or sweep prior to using this product?

No. The great thing about CrossWave® is that while you are mopping your floors, the product vacuums up dirt and dry debris at the same time!

Can I use this product on my hardwood floors?

Yes. The brush and cleaning formula were designed and tested as safe for sealed hardwood floors and other sealed hard floors.

How large of a space can I clean with one tank of cleaning formula?

You can clean up to 700 square feet with one tank. Depending on how much solution you spray while cleaning, you could cover a much larger area.

Can I use this on my area rugs?

Yes, when using the Dual-Action Multi-Surface Brush Roll with the multi-surface cleaning solution, you can clean area rugs. The best part is that when you clean your area rugs, you can clean them in place without worrying about moisture soaking through to the back of your rug. While this product is made to clean area rugs, it is always recommended to check the manufacturer's tag before cleaning area rugs for any specialized cleaning instructions.

Can I use this product on wall-to-wall carpet?

Yes. You can use it on wall-to-wall carpet, but for the best clean on carpet, we recommend considering BISSELL® Revolution™ Deep Cleaner.