This February, BISSELL UK hosted a Valentine’s Day competition where we asked you to share a picture of your partner helping with the chores. Well, it seems you have been very busy cleaning this winter as we received dozens of entries with a whole host of interesting chores. See some of your fantastic photos. Starting with the basics – the sweeping beauties:

Sweeping Beauties

And dish washing men:

DishyDishy 2

Some fellas even got down and dirty on their hands and knees:

Down and DirtyDown Dirty 2

Valentine’s Day even inspired some transportation and outdoor cleaning:

Motor CleanersOutside CleanersSome partners are seasoned experts who had no problem showing of their skills:

Multitaskers 2

Others even dressed for success!

Dressed for Success 1

Dressed for Success 2MultiTaskers

And for those partners who couldn’t stand the thought of getting close to grime, some interesting solutions were created:

Innovative CLeaning Solutions Some families even got their kids involved (some were happier than others!):

Kids Cleaning

Or entire families involved:

Annelouise E Hall annelie_rainbow

While others slept on the job!

Abbie Butler abzillatweets

But our overall winner was Siobhan Scott for her submission of her hubby cleaning the windows.

Siobhan Scott siobhanscott888

We are also giving an additional prize to a creative post. This time it goes to Chrissy Macneill who wrote BISSELL UK a poem that reads:

Extra Effort Chrissy MacneillRoses are Red
But sadly I am blue
I want to enter this fab competition ……. but
alas there is a problem
as I would love to win this dreamed for prize …
but as you see from my photo my partner is ….
Mr Invisible that is because he is gone from the crack of dawn and not back till the birds are fast asleep in their beds … so all he is fit to do is to
crawl into bed exhausted from working to support his family …
so hoping you will accept his imaginary face …. and if not …
it may at least have made you laugh ….

Keep the romance going this year by helping around the house and showing your partner the meaning of “team work makes the dream work”!