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To keep your carpets and upholstery looking good as new, you can rely on BISSELL’s selection of professional cleaning formulas. Each of these carpet cleaning solutions is developed by highly qualified chemists who take great care in producing cleaning fluid that is both gentle on fabrics and tough on dirt. Each of BISSELL's carpet shampoos and fibre cleansing upholstery sprays are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe for use in leading brands of carpet cleaning machines.View our full range of Scotchgard™, Febreze®, Permanent Stain Removal or Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaning Shampoo's or our specially formulated OXY products to help remove tough stains like red wine and blood.

If you need help deciding on what carpet shampoo to buy then visit our what carpet is right for me page to find out more.

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  • OFFER BISSELL Total Clean-Up bundle BUN1151E

    BISSELL Total Clean-Up bundle BUN1151E


    Includes the following items:

    • 2 x Wash & Refresh Cotton Fresh 1079E
    • 2 x Wash and Protect Pet stains and odours 1087E
    • 1 x Wash and Protect Stain and Odour removal 1089E


    was £87.95

  • ISSELL Wash & Protect Professional Stain & Odour Carpet Cleaning formula-1089N|

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Professional 1089N

    3 for 2 Offer

    If you are looking for the best carpet shampoo, we would recommend the BISSELL Wash & Protect 2X Concentrated Professional formula with Scotchgard™ Protection

  • Wash & Remove Pro Total 2212e

    Wash & Remove Pro Total 2212e

    3 for 2 Offer

    This is our first carpet shampoo that includes the fresh scent of Febreze, Scotchgard Protector and Oxy, enabling your BISSELL carpet cleaner to permanently remove tough stains and protect your carpets fibres while leaving them smelling cotton fresh.

    Learn more about Wash & Remove Pro Total 2212e Out of Stock
  • BISSELL Wash & Protect 2x concentrate Carpet Cleaner with Scotchgard™ Protection-1086N|

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Stain & Odour 1086N

    3 for 2 Offer

    The BISSELL Wash & Protect 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaning formula with Scotchgard™ protection is a dual action formula that deep cleans and protects in one easy step.

  • BISSELL Wash & Protect Pet Stain & Odour with Scotchgard™ Protection-1087N|

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Pet 1087N

    3 for 2 Offer

    The perfect carpet shampoo for anyone who has a pet in the family. Pet Odour and Soil removal formula is designed to penetrate and break down difficult pet odours that other carpet shampoos can have problems with.


5 Item(s)

products per page

These solutions are highly effective when it comes to cleaning a variety of stains – and the oxygen-activated cleaning formulas from BISSELL will help you make those hard-to-clean annoyances like wine and coffee stains vanish for good! Our best carpet and rug shampoos even contain Scotchgard™ to help prevent future stains. Many BISSELL cleaning fluids bear the Woolsafe logo, meaning the formulas can be safely used on wool carpets and rugs. There’s no better way to keep your home spotless than with our range of non-volatile carpet cleaning formulas.

Browse our selection of BISSELL carpet wash and upholstery cleaning formulas to find the product that best suits your needs – we also stock cleaning fluid for hard floors. You’ll find the widest range of quality carpet cleaning products at BISSELL Direct