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Cordless Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Discover BISSELL's range of cordless, hand held vacuum cleaners & enjoy the feeling of a deeper clean. Designed to help out in a variety of quick cleaning tasks around the home, these Lightweight and maneuverable machines are perfect to help you clean those hard to reach areas and even easy to set up. Discover BISSELL's range of cordless cleaners and sweepers online.

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  • OFFER BISSELL CrossWave™ Cordless Multi-surface Cleaning System 2582E

    BISSELL CrossWave™ Cordless Multi-surface Cleaning System 2582E

    FREE Featherweight £44.99

    Vacuum, wash and dry multiple floor types with cordless freedom. For use on area rugs, tiles, sealed wooden floors, laminate, lino, & vinyl. The powerful Li-Ion battery allows for almost 30-minutes of run time with no loss in performance!


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Company founder Melville Bissell is credited with patenting the world’s first truly effective carpet sweeper in 1876, and despite all subsequent industry-wide advances in quick cleaning technologies, the BISSELL range remains as popular as ever. Our carpet brushes and stick vacuums are designed to aid you in a wide variety of quick cleaning tasks around the home, such as removing both dry and moist debris from carpets, floors and skirting boards.

BISSELL's manual carpet sweepers and brushes are available in a number of models designed to suit various specifications, such as a rubber bladed model ideal for cleaning up moist debris and generates static to help pick up pet hair, and a multi-purpose brush that can be used on any surface from carpet pile to tiles. Some of these quick carpet cleaners even boast the added benefit of a BISSELL lifetime warranty – they are that reliable. We also stock a range of rechargeable quick carpet cleaners, combining the convenience of a manual carpet brush with the added power of a motorised cleaner.

Browse BISSELL Direct and you’ll find a comprehensive selection of stick vacuums, carpet brushes and specialised sweepers that make everyday quick carpet cleaning tasks an absolute breeze.