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Quite frankly, because we like cycling

Many BISSELL team members are cyclists - particularly in our Research & Development department and among our executive team - and many more are cycling fans. As a culture, BISSELL associates are health conscious (at least we are working at it), and one sport that's been adopted by many is cycling. Many of our associates also are really into walking, too!

On a marketing front, we like to align ourselves with ideas that fit with our culture, and cycling is a great fit. We also like the fact that cycling is very much an international sport as the BISSELL brand grows around the world. We also believe in supporting a healthy lifestyle, and our relationship with Trek's "Fit for Women" campaign allows us to show our support in many cities across the country.

So if cycling is alive and well at BISSELL, why not sponsor a cycling team of our own?

That was exactly our mindset in deciding to support the BISSELL Pro Cycling Team. The popularity of the Tour de France and other cycling venues is growing in the U.S., as is the recognition of cycling as a great sport and conditioning tool. BISSELL associates get excited about this sport - whether we are watching competitors climbing the mountains of France or whether we are simply enjoying a more leisurely ride through the rolling hills of West Michigan.