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How to Deep Clean your carpets

Deep cleaning is almost as easy as vacuuming your carpets! The three steps below will walk you through the process. We also have videos demonstrating deep cleaning available in the Visual Learning section of the BISSELL College of Clean.

Step 1:

Add a BISSELL formula with Scotchgard™ protector to your deep cleaning machine as stated on your machine’s instructions. Next add hot tap water (not boiling water) to the deep cleaning machine. Plug in the machine, turn it on, and start deep cleaning. It is that simple!

Step 2:

Once you have finished cleaning, just attach the Scotchgard protector applicator tool to your on board hose, twist on the Scotchgard protector cartridge, and spray the entire carpet. For best results, apply the protection to DAMP carpet and upholstery. This added protection will give your carpet a long lasting protective shield from dirt and spills. This added protection is exclusive to BISSELL’s ProHeat 2X deep cleaning system.

Step 3:

Put your deep cleaning machine away and relax!