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Cleaning Made Easy with BISSELL Formulas

Get it clean and keep it clean with Real Clean Technology™.

BISSELL's Real Clean Technology™ formulas contain no dyes, phosphates, and optical brighteners. This means “no coloured water”, no optical brighteners that can cause discolouration, and no environmentally harmful phosphates – just real cleaning ingredients for a Real Clean. Plus, BISSELL formulas are specially designed for safe use in all of today’s deep cleaning machines.

While most carpeting manufactured is mill treated with a stain-resisting formula, the manufacturers still recommend regular deep cleaning to remove dust mite allergen, pollens, embedded dirt and ground-in grit to prevent permanent damage to the carpet fibers. BISSELL formulas have been designed to meet these needs. For optimum cleaning and protection, always use BISSELL formulas and a BISSELL deep cleaning machine.

Carpet manufacturers also recommend the reapplication of stain resisting formula at least every two years by a professional carpet cleaner or once a year using the BISSELL with Scotchgard™ protector clean and protect system. This will help to replenish the loss in stain resistance that may occur through normal wear of the carpet.

With BISSELL formulas using Real Clean Technology™ containing Scotchgard™ protector from 3M, you are now able to clean and protect your carpet at the same time. These formulas have revolutionized the deep cleaning industry! And when they are used with a BISSELL ProHeat series deep cleaning machine, this combination produces the only consumer-use deep cleaning system that maintains the Scotchgard protection carpet stain warranty.

Best of all, the clean and protect system is easy to use! Click here to see the step-by-step process.

Scotchgard is a trademark of 3M.