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Frequently asked questions

Why does my CrossWave have no power?

 *Suction does not start when plugged in UNTIL the Rug or Hard Floor setting is selected

Note: If the brush roll or spinner is clogged with hair, it will cause the brush not to spin and the machine to shut off - clear debris on the brush roll and spinner to avoid machine shutting off

  • Plug machine into wall outlet
  • Turn on by selecting either Rug or Hard Floor setting

  • Unplug machine from wall outlet
  • Remove clean water tank from the back of the machine
  • Insert a blunt tip object (i.e. screwdriver or pen) into small circular area above white label on handle
    • Pull up on handle while pushing the blunt tip object into the small opening and pull up on handle to remove
    • Once fully removed, reinstall handle until you hear a click
    • You must also gently tap the top of the handle downward, you will hear a faint click sound again indicating the handle is fully reconnected

  • Plug machine in, and check for power
  • If still no power, unplug machine
  • Run hand along entire length of power cord, it should be smooth
  • Check plug for damage
    • If either the cord (not smooth or exposed wires) or plug (prongs) are damaged, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
  • Check to see if outlet is working:
    • Test this by plugging in a cell phone charger or small appliance
    • If no power to outlet, test a different outlet in a separate room
    • Reset circuit breaker if needed

If machine still does not have power, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care