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Frequently asked questions

Why does my CrossWave shut off automatically?


  • Plug machine in
  • Select a cleaning mode (Rug or Hard Floor)

  • If machine does not turn on, refer to No Power troubleshooting
  • Recline machine to activate brush roll.
    • If brush roll does not turn or machine shuts off after a short time, continue troubleshooting
  • Unplug machine
  • Remove brush roll window by grabbing the pull tab and pulling upward
  • Remove brush roll by grabbing the brush roll tab and pulling upward

  • Check for hair wrap and debris around the brush roll and brush roll ends 
  • Hold the coloured pull tab on brush roll and spin the other end
    • If the brush doesn't spin, a new one needs to be ordered
  • Check the plastic drive gear, (where the brush roll is inserted into on the foot of the machine) remove hair/debris wrapped in this area
    • Turn gear by hand to test spin
    • If the gear doesn't turn by hand, Contact Us
  • Reinstall the brush roll  by inserting the grey tipped end into the right side of the machine and then pressing down on the coloured tab until it clicks into place

  • Reattach the brush roll window
    • Line up tabs on the front edges of the foot and then push the window into place until it clicks

  • Plug machine in, recline, and test to see if CrossWave turns on and will run