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Frequently asked questions

Why does my Featherweight have no/low suction?

  • Test for suction at the motor duct 
    • Remove dirt container & filter
    • Plug the machine in and turn on
    • Place a hand over the opening on the machine where pre-motor foam filter sits 
  • If no suction, please contact BISSELL Customer Support
  • If there is suction, inspect the filters 
    • Dirty filters can cause damage to the motor and eventually no power if not properly maintained
    • Clean debris from the pre-motor foam filter
  • Remove the filter from the dirt cup

    • Unlock filters and separate to clean

    • Shake over a waste container to remove debris

    • After heavy use, both filters can be washed in warm water & mild dish soap
    • Allow to completely dry (24 - 48 hours) before re-installing
    • Filters should be replaced if torn or damaged
    • Filter must be inserted securely into dirt cup before attaching to the machine to prevent blowing dust

    If you continue to have suction or blowing dust issues, please contact BISSELL Customer Support