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Frequently asked questions

Why does my SpinWave have no power?

  • Plug machine into a functioning outlet   
  • Recline machine
  • Press power button to turn on
  • Hold spray button
    • Machine will turn-off automatically when put upright
    • To resume spinning, recline and press power button on
  • Unplug machine
  • Run palm of your hand down the entire cord
    • Cord should be smooth and free of rips and punctures
  • Prongs in plug should be intact with no damage
  • Test the outlet with a cell phone charger or lamp
    • If outlet works with another device, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
    • If outlet does NOT work, test on a different outlet
  • Test machine in different rooms to avoid exceeding the amp limit on the circuit breaker
  • Put machine upright, unplug and plug back in to reset 
  • Pads will stop spinning from:
    • Pushing down or stepping on the foot
    • Using on carpet or rugs
    • Using without pads on bare floors
  • If one disc spins and the other does not:

    • A disc may need to be replaced
      • Even though the discs fit snug, the discs are meant to be removed - it is OK to apply force to remove 

    If discs are wobbly:

    • Check to make sure rectangular Velcro pads are not raised/out of place
      • If they are, they can be pushed back into place and should lay flat on the disc
      • If you cannot push them back to lay flat, a new disc will need to be ordered 

    SpinWave RPM:

    Free run - 225 RPM average

    With load - 200 RPM average