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Why isn't my CrossWave's brush roll turning?

  • Plug machine in and select cleaning mode ("Hard Floor" or "Rug")
    • Recline the machine to activate brush roll
    • If brush roll does not turn, unplug machine and remove the brush window and brush roll
      • To remove brush window, pull the tab upward

    • To remove the brush roll, grab the brush roll tab and pull upwards

    • Clear any obstructions

    • Test brush by holding the colored pull tab and spinning the other end
      • If brush does not spin, a replacement brush is needed
    • Also check for significant wear/tear to the grey colored end of the brush (opposite the pull tab)
      • It is normal the brush roll will have some marks after using - it will not affect any function
    • Check the plastic gear on the end of the machine and remove any hair or debris wrapped
      • Turn gear by hand to test spin