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Frequently asked questions

Why won't my CrossWave spray?

*The trigger on the handle must be held in order for the machine to produce spray

  • The clean water tank on the back of the machine should be full
    • The clean water tank should be sitting flush with the machine
  • Remove tank and firmly push it back into place

  • Plug machine in with a full clean water tank
  • Hold the spray trigger down for 10-15 seconds and test for spray

  • If still no spray, unplug the machine and remove the water tank
    • Inspect water tank for cracks and leaks
    • If your tank is cracked or leaking, a replacement should be ordered
  • With water tank still removed, check for cracks on cap and rubber gasket
    • If your cap or gasket is damaged, it should be replaced
  • Remove brush window by grabbing the silver pull tab on the window and pulling upward

  • Check for clogs in the spray tips on the foot of the machine
    • Probe the spray tips with a paperclip to clear away any clogs
  • Before reattaching brush window, check for spray from the spray tips
    • Plug machine in & push hard floor button to turn on, do not recline
    • Water should shoot up from spray tips
  • If water flows from spray tips, turn the machine off and unplug
    • Reattach brush window by lining up the tabs on the front edges of the foot - push the window into place until it clicks

  • Plug machine in and test for spray
    • If spray came out of the spray tips but not the brush window, the brush window should be replaced
  • If there was no spray from the spray tips, Contact Us