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140+ years of experience
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Up to 6-Years Warranty
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Why does my Stain Eraser have no power?

  • Check that the correct charger is being used
  • Unplug charger from both the machine and outlet on wall
  • Run hand over the entire length of the cord and check for any damage, rips, or punctures
  • Inspect the prongs for damage
    • If there is any damage, a new charger will need to be ordered

Stain Eraser no power 1

  • Insert the charging adaptor plug into the charging port on the handle near the base of the unit
  • Plug the outlet end into a functioning outlet
    • Blue lights on top of the battery should illuminate
  • When charging cord is plugged in, if all 3 blue lights are blinking please contact BISSELL Consumer Care

Stain Eraser blue light

  • If lights do not illuminate, unplug the machine from the wall and test a difference device (i.e. phone charger, lamp) in the same outlet
    • If the outlet does not work for the other device, test the charger in a different outlet

Stain Eraser no blue light

  • Charge unit for 4 hours prior to first use
    • Runtime is approximately 15 minutes

Stain Eraser light status

  • If there is still no charge or no power, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care
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