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6 Reasons You Need The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max
The innovation in hard floor cleaning we’ve been waiting for is here. The CrossWave family’s newest member, the CrossWave Cordless Max, cleans all sealed hard floors easily yet thoroughly.
6 Reasons You Need The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max

1. Quicker Hard Floor Cleaning

Giving hard floors a thorough clean can be a laborious task; you need to vacuum or sweep to remove the dust and debris and then mop as well, to wash away dirt and grime. With the CrossWave Cordless Max, you can combine the steps for quicker cleaning. It vacuums AND mops at the same time, plus unlike with mopping it doesn’t leave water all over the floor, for a super quick drying time too. The dirty water tank at the end will make you question how clean you thought your floors were!

Watch the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max in action!

2. Spills And Messes Are No Match For The Max

The CrossWave Cordless Max is great for everyday cleaning, but is also great when the packet of rice falls apart with grains falling to every corner of the kitchen, or the little one throws their pasta across the dining room floor. The CrossWave Cordless Max can vacuum up wet and dry messes with astonishing ease, mopping as it goes to leave no trace anything was amiss.

BISSELL CrossWave Max

3. Use On Area Rugs Too

The CrossWave Cordless Max is a must-have for homes with hard floors, but did you know it also works on area rugs? Simply change the setting with the fingertip controls and the CrossWave Cordless Max optimises the amount of water dispensed for cleaning area rugs and carpets. It’s great for a little refresh between your thorough carpet cleaning routine.

4. Cordless Freedom

Enjoy the ease of cordless cleaning with up to 30 minutes run time, allowing you to clean approximately 100m2 on one charge. Once you’re finished cleaning, just pop your CrossWave Cordless Max on to the 3-in-1 charging station to recharge it (it also stores the CrossWave and cleans it – but more about that in a moment). The digital display lets you know when you’re back to a full charge and ready for more CrossWave cleaning.

5. Always Uses Clean Water

When mopping the floor, it’s hard to ignore the water in the bucket getting dirtier and dirtier as you put the mop in the bucket each time. Other than changing the water every few strokes of the mop, there’s not much you can do except clean with dirty water. With the CrossWave Cordless Max however, clean and dirty water is kept in separate tanks so you only add fresh water and cleaning solution to the floor. Dirty water and debris are kept in another tank for easy disposal.
Separate water tanks on the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max

6. Self-Cleaning Cycle Does The Clean Up For You

Just when you think you’re done with the cleaning, you realise that you need to clean what you cleaned with! While we can’t help with the dust rags and cloths, we have made it easier to clean your CrossWave Cordless Max after use. It’s as simple as placing it in the charging tray and pressing the ‘Self-Clean’ button. It uses the remaining clean water in the tank to wash the brush roll easily and hygienically. All you need to do is empty the dirty water tank: put any hair and debris in the bin (kept handily separate by the strainer in the tank) and pour the water away down the sink or in the toilet. Give the tank a quick rinse and you’re ready for the next mess.

CrossWave Cordless Max
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