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7 Hacks For Cleaning Your Kitchen
Somehow a kitchen just never seems to be clean - there's always another crumb hiding somewhere!
7 Hacks For Cleaning Your Kitchen
  1. Descale Your Kettle With Lemon Leftovers
    If you have some squeezed lemon leftover from cooking or baking (or a few slices that didn’t make it into your G&T), pop them in your kettle, half fill with water and boil. The citric acid from the lemon will descale the kettle. Simply pour away the water, lemon and loose limescale into the sink once it has boiled, and boil again with clean water to remove any lemon flavour. Don’t forget to wait until the lemon has cooled down before taking it out of the sink and putting it in the bin!

  2. Clean Your Sink Drain Without Skull Covered Chemicals
    Simply pour ½ cup of bicarbonate of soda down the sink drain, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. After five minutes wash it away with hot water down your newly cleared drain.
  1. Steam Your Kitchen Clean
    Steam cleaning is a chemical free way to sanitise your home, and blast away tough grime while you’re at it. The BISSELL SteamShot is great for getting to hard to reach places, like around the base of taps, and has an array of attachments from a window squeegee to a brush perfect for giving the grout a refresh.

  2. Give Cloudy Glassware A New Lease Of Life
    Your glassware isn’t damaged if it’s got a little cloudy over the years and dishwasher cycles – it just has a build-up of hard-water minerals. Banish the fog by soaking them in white vinegar for five minutes, and then rinsing them in tap water. Good as new!
  1. The Cutting Boards Could Do With A Spruce Up Too
    Sprinkle your cutting board with salt, and rub the cut side of a lemon into the stains to lift them out and remove any smells or stains. The salt works like a scourer and the lemon disinfects the surface.

  2. Steam Cleaning Your Oven Is Easier Than You Think
    Cleaning the oven can be an easy chore to put off; once that oven door is closed the mess is out of sight and out of mind! Putting on the PPE for the mass of chemicals is also a little daunting, but did you know you can steam clean your oven? Put an oven-safe bowl filled with water inside the oven at 230⁰C for 30-60 minutes, to loosen the dirt, grime and grease that has built up. Once your oven has cooled, simply wipe off the condensation and the grease will wipe off along with it. It’s so easy you’ll be happy to do it more often – and it’ll get easier each time!

  3. Clean Your Kitchen Floor In Half The Time
    Cleaning the kitchen floor is an important part of keeping the home clean, but how do you know if it is really clean – especially when food has been dropped on the floor? The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max vacuums as it mops for quicker cleaning. It can even pick up cooked spaghetti, dry cereal and broken eggs from the floor – and keep cleaning with ease! Two water tanks mean that debris and dirty water is suctioned away from the brush roll and stored in one, while you keep going with clean water from the other.

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