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A guide to the BISSELL carpet cleaning range

With all the different types of carpet cleaners on the market, choosing the best home carpet cleaner for you can seem like a navigating mine-field. So we’ve put together a quick guide to compare all the features of our carpet cleaners, and help you find the perfect machine for you. Keep reading to find your perfect carpet cleaner!
A guide to the BISSELL carpet cleaning range

ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro

The ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro is the ideal carpet cleaner for achieving professional results at home. With 12 rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes, the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro cleans deep down into the carpet fibres, leaving you carpets looking and smelling like new.

Choose between 3 cleaning modes, depending on the level of cleaning you want. If you use Express Mode, your carpets will be dry in about 30 minutes after cleaning!

The ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro uses our patented HeatWave™ Technology. The heat generated by the motor is redirected to underneath the water tank, keeping your cleaning water warm throughout the cleaning process for a deeper, more hygienic clean.

The ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro isn’t just for your carpets – use the attachment hose to clean stairs or upholstery as well.

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ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

We’ve adapted our bestselling ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro, to create the perfect carpet cleaner for pet owners - with the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro, you get the same powerful performance, but with added features designed with pet owners in mind.

The CleanShot Pre-Treater is the perfect tool for removing tough dried-on stains. Just spray the stain that you need to remove, let it soak for a few minutes, then remove using the carpet cleaner.

Use the included Stain Trapper tool with the attachment hose to remove pet stains, hair, and unpleasant messes pet messes. The separate mess tank on the tool keeps all the fur and debris out of the main tank, making cleaning up easy.

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The HydroWave may be small, but it packs a big punch! The cleaning foot is small enough to fit on a stair, but we’ve fitted an extra-large brush roll with 10 rows of Dirt-Lifter Power Brushes for a powerful cleaning performance. It’s also got a collapsible handle, to make storage easy in small spaces.

The CleanShot Pre-Treater helps to lift off old set-in stains, and you can use Express Mode if you’re in hurry – your carpets will be dry in 30 minutes!

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Instaclean Compact

The InstaClean Compact is designed for quick and fuss-free carpet cleaning and rug rejuvenation in areas like hallways with heavy foot traffic. This is our lightest carpet cleaner, so it’s quick and easy to move up and down stairs and all around your house, flat or apartment.  It has 2 rows of rotating Power Brushes to loosen and remove deep-down dirt easily and effectively. The unique telescopic handle allows for easier storage.

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StainPro 4

The StainPro 4 uses an 800W Motor and 4 rows of Dirt-Lifter Power Brushes to loosen and remove tracked-in dirt. The EdgeSweep brushes clean up to the edges of your room, and the dual 2-1 water tank keeps the clean and dirty water separate.

With a built-in attachment hose you can easily clean upholstery, stairs, mattresses and even car interiors at the turn of a dial.

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StainPro 6

The BISSELL® StainPro 6 carpet cleaner eliminates embedded dirt, stains, and odours.  A perfectly targeted, pressurized water jet and six rows of Dirt-Lifter Power Brushes work hard to loosen and lift the dirt from your carpet to refresh and rejuvenate it.  The large water tank means fewer refills and a lot less downtime, so you can focus on getting your carpets to look like new.

Exclusive Heatwave Technology helps maintain water temperature throughout the carpet cleaning process.

The StainPro 6 includes a 3” Tough Stain Tool, and a Crevice Tool, for use with the attachment hose.

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StainPro 10

The largest and most powerful StainPro carpet cleaner, the StainPro 10 is great choice for deep cleaning large areas. Surfaces dry fast thanks to full-width suction, and EdgeSweep brushes clean against skirting boards and around furniture. The removable DuraStrength Nozzle helps prevent blockages from hair and carpet fibres, making maintenance easy.

The built-in attachment hose helps you to do away with dirt and stains on stairs, upholstery and more.

HeatWave technology helps maintain the water temperature throughout the cleaning process - Heat from the machine’s motor is cleverly redirected into a vent that is located beneath the machine’s water tank to keep water at a constant cleaning temperature. It also enters the brush chamber to help heat the brushes and carpet to improve the cleaning process.

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Big Green

Powered by an incredibly strong 1400W motor, the BISSELL Big Green Carpet & Upholstery Washer features 8 rows of Dirt-Lifter Power Brushes to provide professional results. It clean forwards and backwards, and brings almost any carpet back to life with precision-engineered motors, using an extra-large brush roll to remove even the most ingrained dirt. The BISSELL Big Green is purposely designed to clean comprehensively and dry quickly, making it ideal for commercial situations where carpet cleaning is carried out on a regular basis such as bars, restaurants, boutique hotels.

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