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5 Ways To Celebrate The Olympics With The Family
The Olympics bring not only the country together, but the world too. The Tokyo Games may have been delayed but that just means we’ve had an extra year to get excited! Bring the family together and celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics with some fun activities.
5 Ways To Celebrate The Olympics With The Family

Make your own Olympics themed circuit!

For the kids try shotput with beanbags, discus with a frisbee or a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race (surprisingly not an Olympic sport). Get the pets involved too and teach them a new trick like jumping through a hoop or over hurdles!

Create some Olympics themed snacks to eat while watching the Games!

Choose fresh fruit and raw veggies in the colours of the Olympic rings, or try icing cupcakes with some Olympic rings. You could even make it a competition with a gold, silver and bronze prize for the best Olympic themed snack.

Give some of the sports you’ve been watching on TV a try!

Rent a bike for a scenic cycle, head to the local pool or see if there are any taster classes near you for gymnastics, dancing or tennis. You could find a new hobby whilst keeping fit.

Craft some Union Jack or Olympic flags to wave when watching the games!

You could use paint, scrunched up tissue paper or coloured paper to get creative

It’s not just about the sports – it’s about who is competing too.

Try cooking some new meals that originate from other countries in the Games. Challenge yourself to cook something you've never eaten before and try some new food!

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas and games to play!

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