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How To Clean Every Floor In Your Home
In most homes there can be any number of floor types, and knowing how to keep them spic and span can be a research project in itself. From carpets to hard floors, BISSELL has the tools to keep your floors clean.
How To Clean Every Floor In Your Home


A vacuum cleaner is most people’s go-to when it comes to cleaning their floors and it is easy to see why. If the majority of the floors in your home are carpeted, it’s a must-have. Whether you need to vacuum pet hair daily or for the weekly clean, you can watch as dust and debris is cleared away with ease. You can watch this even more clearly with the BISSELL range of vacuum cleaners, thanks to the LED lights in the foot, so you can see every hair and speck of dirt. They also all have tangle-free brush rolls, so no more cutting hair out after a few uses! The MultiReach offers cordless convenience and the SmartClean Pet is specifically designed for tackling pet hair, with automatic floor-type recognition to ensure the best cleaning performance around your home.
Take a look at BISSELL's range of vacuum cleaners here.

For a more thorough clean, a carpet cleaner complements a vacuum cleaner perfectly. Carpet cleaners clean deeper into the carpet fibre, to remove dirt that has been trodden down over time. With options that can leave your carpets dry in as little as 30 minutes, there is a BISSELL carpet cleaner for you. Some options have additional hoses to tackle upholstery such as sofas and mattresses too, and compact versions make storage easy in smaller houses and apartments.
Discover BISSELL’s range of carpet cleaners in more detail, and find out which is the best for you here.

BISSELL PowerClean carpet cleaner

Sealed Hard Floors

Wooden floorboards, laminate, tiles, you name it. If it's a hard floor and sealed, here are some floorcare options for you. If you are unsure whether your hard floors are sealed or not, check the manufacturers instructions. Alternatively you can test an inconspicuous area by adding a drop of water to the floor. If the water beads on the top the floor is sealed, whereas if the water soaks into the floor it is unsealed, and should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You can choose to use the vacuum you would normally use on the carpets to also clean your hard floors, to remove dust and debris from the surface. Follow this up with the BISSELL SpinWave; this electric mop is a modern alternative to the mop and bucket. The spinning pads agitate the dirt to remove it from the floor, whilst still being gentle enough for delicate wooden flooring.

If the majority of the floors in your home are sealed hard floors, let us introduce you to the CrossWave range of products. The CrossWave vacuums, mops and dries your floors at the same time for quicker cleaning. With four CrossWave options including Cordless and Pet versions, find the CrossWave to take care of your floors. They are also suitable for area rugs so you can ditch the vacuum cleaner for good.

Kitchen & Bathroom Floors

Use the SpinWave or CrossWave to clean the bathrooms floors, or take it to the next level and use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning uses just tap water to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria so is perfect for using on the kitchen and bathrooms floors. The Vac & Steam vacuums and steam cleans at the same time, while the PowerFresh SlimSteam can be used as a steam mop or a handheld steamer to reach and sanitise more surfaces in your home. Read more about steam cleaning in our blog post here.

Bonus! Car Interiors

The SpotClean Pro is the spot cleaner car valeters and enthusiasts alike are loving – check out Anthony from Fivestar Valeting using his here! Its long cable and hose reaches all the way to the car and is great for cleaning and freshening up floor mats, seats and even the boot! Go for the SpotClean Pet Pro if you have plenty of pet hair to clean up too, and both versions can be used in the home, to clean up unexpected messes as soon as they happen.

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