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How To Tackle The Post Christmas Clean-Up
After a great Christmas comes a great load of mess. If the cleaning seems like an impossible task this year, take a look at our tips to take the stress our of the mess.
How To Tackle The Post Christmas Clean-Up
  • Get the Christmas tunes playing, or that festive film you never managed to watch in the background, and blast through the cleaning. A power hour or two can make all the difference when the house looks like it has imploded!
  • Or get everyone involved with the clean-up! Make a game out of it to encourage little ones to get involved – and the bribe of a festive film and the last of the Christmas treats when everything is done keeps older children (and adults) motivated.
  • Time to be honest, are you ever going to wear that scarf that was wrapped up so nicely under the tree? Propose a gift swap with your friends to give any unwanted gifts to a better home. Just make sure not to swap anything that those friends bought you!
  • Stains and spills come part and parcel with entertaining. Clean them up in no time with the BISSELL SpotClean Pro. The lightweight and portable design means it can reach every stain and the powerful suction removes them in no time.
  • There’s nothing like having a good organise in the downtime between Christmas and New Year. It’s the perfect time to find homes for the new presents and down-size the clutter that has accumulated since the last big-clean. Try selling any nearly-new items online or donating them to local charity shops.
  • A quick carpet clean can make so much difference to how your home feels. Put your BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner on Express Mode, clean the carpets and bundle everyone up for a walk. In 45 minutes your carpets will be dry – just in time for everyone to get home for hot chocolates to warm up.
  • Get creative with cooking to clear out the fridge and its mass of leftovers. BBC Good Food have some great ideas for leftovers to avoid waste without compromising on taste! We’re eyeing up the Cheeseboard Mac & Cheese.
  • Were you lucky enough to open a CrossWave Cordless Max from under the tree on Christmas morning? It’s time to put it to use! Experience quicker cleaning as it vacuums, mops and dries the floor at the same time – with a satisfyingly dirty water tank at the end too! And if you didn’t get one for Christmas – shop yours below!