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Introducing the BISSELL ICON

Vacuuming can be a time consuming task, especially if you live with children or pets. Carrying a heavy vacuum upstairs and around the home can be a struggle, and constantly having to unplug and plug in slows you down. That’s why we’ve created a powerful, yet lightweight cordless vacuum that will make vacuuming your home a breeze!
Introducing the BISSELL ICON

The BISSELL ICON uses a 25V lithium battery and a high-performance digital motor, for convenient cordless cleaning – no more getting tangled up in awkward cables! And with a 50 minute run time*, most homes can be vacuumed in a single charge.

Fingertip controls allow you to switch between 3 power modes; High Power for maximum suction, Mid Power for everyday cleaning, and Low Power for quick pick-ups.


The Tangle-Free brush roll uses an innovate shape and bristle pattern to prevent hair from wrapping and tangling around the brush, so any hair or fur that is picked-up gets pulled straight into the dirt tank. No more cutting away hair tangles!

LED lights on the front of the nozzle illuminate the floor and highlight the dust, dirt and hair that would otherwise be difficult to see, so you can be sure you’re cleaning every inch of your floor. They are also helpful when cleaning under or around furniture, or in dark corners.

The ICON isn’t just for your floors – the mix-and-match parts and accessories mean you can clean all over your home with just one vacuum. You can quickly remove the floor nozzle from the wand, and then use the ICON to reach and clean high-up corners or hard-to-reach areas. You can also remove the wand all together, and use the ICON as handheld cleaner for your sofas, mattresses, stairs, car seats – the possibilities are endless!

When you’re finished, the ICON is as easy to clean as it is to use. The unique hands-free Hygienic Emptying System means emptying the dirt out is effortless. The SmartSeal keeps all the hair from wrapping around the micro-filter, so it can all be emptied without reaching inside the dirt-bin. You just pull out the filter, and the SmartSeal removes all the dirt for you without getting your hands dirty!


To make storage easy, the ICON comes with a special wall mount that allows you to store and charge your vacuum at the same time, as well as keeping the accessories tidy and close at hand.

We’ve poured almost 150 years of floor care experience into creating this versatile, lightweight vacuum cleaner – try it for yourself!