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Time for a Spring clean
You probably have a weekly or even daily routine that helps you keep your family home clean, but this is the perfect time to tackle those areas that you might have forgotten about! Here are our top spring cleaning tips!
Time for a Spring clean

Kitchen cupboards – inside and out

It’s a nice quick job to wipe down the outside of your kitchen cupboards, but don’t forget the insides as well! Take everything out, sweep out any loose bits of dirt and food (there’s always a few grains of rice!) and then wipe down inside with a gentle cleaning solution, or with warm soapy water. This a great opportunity to have a clear out well, as it’s much easier to see exactly what you’ve got once it’s laid out. You might find some out-of-tins to throw away, or the cake tin you lost!

Oven and cooker hob

No matter how careful you are, the inside of your oven is bound to get a good coating of grease over time. You can use an oven cleaning kit, which uses chemical cleaning agents to remove the dirt from the oven walls and from the racks and trays. Alternatively, for a natural chemical-free clean, try using a steam cleaner to cut through the grime

Pillows, duvet and throws

You probably clean your sheets regularly, but what about your pillows and duvet? Over time, a lot of dust and skin cells (gross!) can build up inside, which can be particularly problematic for people with allergies or asthma. Most pillows, duvets, and blankets are machine washable, but always check the manufacturers label first.

Catch the cobwebs

It can be hard to reach up to the corners of a room, especially if you have high ceilings, or you’re somewhat “vertically challenged”. Perhaps that’s why so many of us pretend not to notice the cobwebs in the corners…you could move around with a stepladder to dust, or you could make your life easier with a high-reach vacuum cleaner.

Washing machine

If you think about it, you actually make your washing machine dirty every time you do your laundry! Almost all of dirt is normally washed away, but over time dirt and limescale can start to build up around the drum and in the pipes. You can buy products specifically to clean your washing machine, or you can use natural cleaners such as baking soda or vinegar. Some machines even have a self-cleaning cycle! If you’re in any doubt, speak to the machine’s manufacturer, and ask what they recommend.


Car seats

Your car seats can be a magnet for all sorts of dirt and grime – especially if you’ve got kids or pets! A cordless handheld vacuum makes it easy to get into the gaps and to clean up the dirt that hides under the seats.Find out more about BISSELL Cordless Vacuum Cleaners