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Top 3 cleaning machines for students
Top 3 cleaning machines for students

We all know that students don’t have the best reputation for keeping their homes tidy. Yet it is very important to keep your room/flat clean if you are sharing with other roommates because germs spread like wild fire! So we’ve put together our top 3 cleaning machines for students. Some are inexpensive and some are practical investment products that you can use to keep your home clean and germ free.


The Featherweight is the perfect vacuum for quick cleaning in small spaces. It's lightweight, compact design means that it is easy to store, even in the smallest of rooms. The powerful suction picks up crumbs, dust, hair and any other dry mess that you might come across. It also quickly converts to a handheld vacuum, so you can clean sofas and mattresses with ease. The affordable price tag makes this suitable for a student budget. 

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If you've ever knocked over a glass of wine, or dropped a greasy pizza slice on the floor, you know that wet stains are incredibly hard to remove. The SpotClean is perfect for removing spills and stains from carpets, sofas, mattresses and more. 

The slim design makes it easy to store in a cupboard, wardrobe or under the bed. 

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With 50 minutes of cordless cleaning time*, the ICON 25V is great for grab-and-go cleaning. The powerful suction will remove dust and dirt from carpets or hard floors, and it converts to a handheld cleaner for use above floor level. The Tangle-Free brushroll stops long hair from clogging up the vacuum - perfect for long-haired ladies!

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Investing in high-quality cleaning appliances while at university will save you money and time in the long run, as you can take them with you when you move into your own place!