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Why it's time to throw away your mop and bucket
When it comes to cleaning your floors, you're probably stuck in the same old routine; you sweep, vacuum, scrub, mop, and then wait forever for your floors to dry. But it doesn't have to be that way!
Why it's time to throw away your mop and bucket

The BISSELL CrossWave is a revolutionary 3-in-1 floor cleaner, that vacuums, washes, and helps dry your floors all in one step! That means no more scrubbing on your hands and knees, or wiping up messes with rolls of kitchen paper. 

It's not just a wood floor cleaner either - with the touch of a button you can switch to "Area Rug" mode, and the multi-surface brushroll will refresh your rugs. Our Multi-Surface cleaning formula can be used on hard floors or area rugs, so you don't need to swap the water when you change for types.

Watch this video to see how the CrossWave compares to traditional cleaning methods:

So how does the CrossWave work?

It may look fancy, but the BISSELL CrossWave is very simple to use. When you squeeze the trigger, water and cleaning solution is sprayed onto the brushroll, rather than directly onto your floors. The multi-surface brushroll spins at 3000 rpm, mopping your floors and picking up any dirt. The powerful suction then removes any excess water left on your floors.

Is it hygienic?

When you use a mop and mucket, you end up with dirty water as soon as you start cleaning.  The CrossWave uses a two-tank system, keeping the clean water and formula completely separate from the dirty tank, so you’re never reusing the same water.

What sort of cleaning fluid should I use?

You should use warm water, and a measure of BISSELL Cleaning Formula in the BISSELL CrossWave. The CrossWave comes with a sample of our Multi-Surface Formula, which is suitable for all hard floors, and area rugs. You can also purchase Multi-Surface Pet Formula, which is perfect for removing pet odours, or Wood Floor Formula if you're only cleaning wooden floors in your home.

Is it easy to clean?

The BISSELL CrossWave has several time-saving functions to help you keep it clean. The dirty water tank is easy to remove, and you simply empty the water down to sink or toilet, then rinse the tank out for the next use. You can also clean the brushroll using the convenient storage tray; pour some water into the tray, then place the CrossWave on top, lean the machine back on turn it on to rinse the brushroll. When all the water has been picked up, and the brushroll looks clean, take it out and leave it dry.

The BISSELL CrossWaves