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Procedure for claiming an out of warranty repair

Machines breaking down outside the warranty period can usually still be repaired by our Authorised Service Centre:

ATLAS Refurb & Repair Ltd.

Units 8 & 9 Etruria Way, Bilston

West Midlands WV14 7LH                                                                                  

Tel: 01902 408 544      


General information:

  • In case an Out Warranty Repair is required when troubleshooting did not resolve the problem, a collection of the unit can be arranged and will be shipped to the Authorised Service Centre for further inspection and analysis.
  • Collection and Analysis will be arranged after pre-payment of £65.00
  • The outcome of the analysis can result in two scenario’s:
  • repair quotation which includes the required spare part costs, labour charges and the return logistics costs. When the repair quotation is accepted, the repair will be undertaken after 2nd payment has been received. After successful repair the unit will be returned to the consumer.
  • The unit is beyond economical repair and therefore cannot be repaired. In this situation the unit can be disposed (scrapped) at the service centre after approval by the consumer. Alternatively, the defective unit can be shipped back to the consumer for which the return shipment needs to be paid for by the consumer.
  • Consumer is responsible for proper packaging when unit is collected for transport to the service centre. Any damage as a result of poor packaging or incorrect usage of the product will be logged and reported back to the consumer as soon as unit has been received. If needed, pictures will be provided.
  • In the instance where a consumer does not have a box for transport, the authorised service centre can send a box to the consumer prior to courier collection (at a cost to the consumer)
  • On each Out Warranty Repaired unit, a 3 month warranty is provided by our authorised service centre ATLAS.