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12 Ways To Prep For Christmas
It's a time full of festive cheer - with a lot of to-do lists! Take some of the stress away with our 12 ways to prep for Christmas.
12 Ways To Prep For Christmas
  1. Moving furniture to make room for the tree means it’s a great time to really clean the carpets with your favourite BISSELL carpet cleaner!

  2. Use BISSELL cleaning solutions with StainProtect to deep clean the carpets before Christmas, and protect from any stains during the festivities! StainProtect makes it harder for spills to stain your carpets so mulled wine and muddy reindeer prints don’t ruin the day!

  3. Decorating of course! Whether you have a strict colour scheme or go for a multitude of colours, deck the halls and get creative.

  4. With people on the hunt for presents, it’s a great time to sell or donate your forgotten about presents from last year! The jumper that just wasn’t your colour and the train set they never ended up playing with could be just what someone else is looking for.

  5. Time to prep the present wrapping stations! Before buying new wrapping paper – check if you have any left from last year to save money and waste less. Make sure you have a good supply of ribbon, tape and gift tags – and you’re good to go.

  6. Are you sending any presents or cards to loved ones abroad? Delivery times can change as postal systems take in so many parcels, so prep early and get everything sent before the rush, to guarantee they have a gift to open on Christmas Day – wherever they might be in the world!

  7. What’s for tea? The daily question and the daily challenge! And Christmas dinner is the biggest challenge of all! Plan early to make sure you have time to trial any new recipes, and order your Christmas turkey in advance for a delicious and stress-free Christmas lunch.
  1. And pre-empt those cooking spills with the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max! It vacuums and mops at the same time, while the powerful suction removes the dirty water leaving your floors almost dry! It can handle spilled liquids just as easily as an egg(nog). Save time on cleaning this Christmas so you have more time to spend celebrating – or napping!

  2. If you’re anything like us, it’s easy to get to the end of the festive period and realise that you haven’t done half of the fun activities you had planned! Plan in time for ice skating, seeing Christmas light switch-ons and visiting Father Christmas so that you can make the most of fun activities with the family.

  3. Long car journeys to see family and friends can take their toll. Make sure your car is fit for winter to ensure your safety throughout all the weather that’s thrown at us! Take care of the inside of your car too, with the BISSELL SpotClean Pro. It removes dirt and stains from car upholstery – and is a great present idea too for the person who takes pride in their car – or drops everything in it!

  4. Make cleaning the house before guests arrive more manageable by doing a little every day. Just twenty minutes of cleaning a day means you can keep on top of it while still having plenty of time for spending with everyone.

  5. Remember to take some time out. The Christmas period can be go-go-go but take a step back to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Watch a festive movie all together or go for a crisp morning walk bundled up in hats and scarves – it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be a wonderful time.

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