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Deep Cleaning With Steam - Better Home Hygiene With BISSELL
In homes with pets and children, regular deep cleaning is important - and necessary with all the mess they make! Using a BISSELL steam cleaner is an effective way to sanitise a wide variety of surfaces. Because of its high temperature, steam is a very efficient way of thoroughly cleaning your home and killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs without the need for chemicals.
Deep Cleaning With Steam - Better Home Hygiene With BISSELL

How do steam cleaners work?

Steam cleaners work by heating water to above boiling point, generating steam. Pressurised steam is then forced out through a mop pad, nozzle or brush. Tiny steam molecules break down grime, grease and limescale on a variety of surfaces, efficiently tackling microbes such as bacteria, germs, mould and dust mites.

Deep cleaning around the house – where can I use a steam cleaner?

You can use BISSELL steam cleaners around your home on a wide variety of surfaces. By using the range of attachments that come with your steam cleaner, you can effectively clean most surfaces around your house.

Steam cleaning your bathroom


Your BISSELL steam cleaner can perform deep cleaning tasks around your entire bathroom including sanitising your sink, bathtub and shower. A handheld steam cleaner can effortlessly tackle built-up limescale on your taps and showerhead without the need for a chemical descaler. Sealed tiles on your floor and wall can be cleaned and sanitised with steam and tile grout can be refreshed without wearing it away. 

Deep cleaning your kitchen with steam


Like bathrooms, kitchens are prone to built-up grime and germs. With a BISSELL steam cleaner, you can sanitise and kill bacteria, cleaning your countertops without chemicals. Cookers, ovens, stovetops, grills and microwaves are prone to baked-on grime which can be very tricky to remove. Your steam cleaner effortlessly removes grease and sanitises your devices, leaving them clean and germ free.

Steam clean a range of surfaces around the house


Your BISSELL steam cleaner can tackle all manner of hard and soft surfaces around your home, using it on floors or as an upholstery steam cleaner, as well as on carpets, mattresses, pet beds and children’s toys. Deep cleaning with steam gives you the peace of mind that, wherever you are in your house, you can easily clean and disinfect most surfaces.

Where can’t I use a steam cleaner

BISSELL do not recommend using steam cleaners on leather, wax polished furniture or floors. Certain softer surfaces, such as synthetic fabrics, velvet or other delicate surfaces are also not recommended for steam cleaning. Other surfaces such as laminate floor and some plastics could potentially be damaged by the high temperature of steam.

If you’re unsure, always check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing or using a steam cleaner. If hard-floors have been properly sealed, steam cleaning is generally safe, but care should be taken on wooden floors or flooring with cracks or crevices as excess moisture could cause issues with frequent use. Steam can also be used on carpets but make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions, as it can vary based on the materials used in the carpet.


The BISSELL Steam Cleaner Range

Deep cleaning your home with steam has never been easier thanks to the BISSELL range of steam cleaners. Eliminate the need for commercial deep cleaning services, with a choice of handheld steamers, vacuum and 3-in-1 steam cleaning tools.



The portable BISSELL SteamShot is a powerful handheld steam cleaner that softens and removes stubborn dirt, grime and sticky messes around your home. The SteamShot comes with a full complement of tools to clean and sanitise virtually every surface in your house.

Steam and clean areas with baked on, stubborn dirt with ease as the SteamShot causes grease and grime to fall away.

The 1000 watts steam unit on the BISSELL SteamShot generates 4.5 bar pressure and produces steam in 60 seconds, allowing you to quickly clean and eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the need for chemicals so it is safe to use around children and pets.

BISSELL Vac & Steam

The powerful BISSELL Vac & Steam can be used independently as a vacuum or a steamer or both functions can be used simultaneously. The one-touch digital controls, allow the Vac & Steam to be quickly and easily switched between functions.

Steam is ready in just 30 seconds and can be switched between low steam for delicate floors and everyday cleaning and high steam when dealing with tough stains and sticky messes on more durable floors.

The dry tank on the Vac & Steam keeps dry debris away from the steam and can be removed for emptying with 1-click release.

As with all BISSELL steam cleaning products, the Vac & Steam eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria using child and pet safe natural chemical-free cleaning.

BISSELL PowerFresh SlimSteam

The versatile BISSELL PowerFresh SlimSteam is much more than a traditional steam cleaner. The slim and lightweight 3-in-1 steam mop glides across floors as an upright steam mop with swivel steering for easy manoeuvrability and access to tight spaces.

When used as an extended reach cleaner, the BISSELL PowerFresh SlimSteam gets into high up and difficult to reach places where dirt tends to hide, and as a portable handheld steam cleaner, it easily cleans worktops, taps and grout with the included attachments.

The handy tool kit allows you to carry your attachments with you while you clean and provides easy access to all your tools and provided convenient storage when not in use.

The PowerFresh SlimSteam is easy to use, the on-demand steam trigger allows you to dispense just the right amount of steam and digital steam controls to quickly adjust steam settings.

Eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria without chemicals, with the child and pet-friendly BISSELL PowerFresh SlimSteam.

The BISSELL Steam Cleaning Range

Deep cleaning with the BISSELL steam cleaning range

The BISSELL steam cleaning range allows you to clean and sanitise around your home with just tap water, wherever you need chemical free cleaning, such as on door handles and pet beds. However when selecting the steam cleaner that is best for you, consider how you will be using it.

If you will mostly be using your steam cleaner on your floors, the BISSELL Vac & Steam may be your most practical option as you can quickly switch between steaming and vacuuming at the touch of a button.

If portability is most important to you, the BISSELL SteamShot is a fantastic and great value tool that comes with a variety of attachments which can be used to tackle a huge range of tasks.

If your primary concern is versatility, you can’t do better than the 3-in-1 BISSELL PowerFresh SlimSteam which quickly converts between a steam mop, a reach cleaner and a handheld steam cleaner.

Other things to consider include tank size, warm-up time, range of functions and included accessories.

Check out the full range of BISSELL steam cleaners and accessories to find the cleaner that is right for you.