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How to clean your carpets & upholstery
How to clean your carpets & upholstery

Have you ever thought about cleaning your carpets? If the answer is no then you’re not alone as research shows that 41% of Brits have never washed their carpets. But why does it matter, if they look clean?

Well, according to leading hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley, living with dirty carpets could have unpleasant health implications if not tackled: “Unwashed carpets can become homes to bacteria and organisms such as dust mites, which can put some people at greater risk of asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis caused by an allergy to dust mite faecal matter. Each mite produces about 20 waste droppings every day, equating to around 20,000 particles of faeces in every cubic foot of air.”

Pretty gross, right? If you’re now thinking your carpets could probably do with a spruce wash we’re here to help. Whether you want to get rid of some small spots or stains or you’re tackling the whole home, BISSELL has a range of compact and full-sized carpet cleaners available.

Before you start cleaning

First things first, move any furniture you can out of the room before giving the area a quick vacuum to remove any debris and pet hair. This will help cleaning your carpets with one our machines that much easier.

For best results and removing stains

Pre-treat any stains and spots on the carpet with one of the BISSELL pre-treat or spot and stains cleaning formulas before deep cleaning your carpets, as this improves tough stain removal by up to 45% . Then fill the clean water tank with hand tap water and add a measure of BISSELL Carpet Shampoo to the water.

Cleaning your carpet with a BISSELL upright carpet cleaner

To get started plug in the power cable, push the power button on, recline the handle, then hold down the trigger, making one slow wet pass backwards and forwards. Release the trigger, make a dry pass over the same area to suction up any residual dirty water and repeat the process until the liquid being pulled up looks clean and then make a few more dry passes to pick up as much water as possible. Work in one small area at a time, roughly 1 metre squared.

Carpet cleaners use a combination of clean solution, powerful scrubbing brushes and vacuum suction. Carpet cleaners inject a mixture of cleaning solution and water deep into your carpet fibres. Brushes then agitate, scrub and loosen the dirt and/or stain and then the powerful vacuum suction lifts it away.

After cleaning

Job well done! Now leave your carpets to dry properly, ensuring there is adequate ventilation, store the machine away to be used again at a later date. Before storing the machine away, remove and empty the dirty water tank, rinse the tank and place it back on the machine, then wait for it to dry before storing the machine.

We have a wide range of carpet cleaners available, to suit any home: