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Introducing the BISSELL SmartClean Pet
Designed specifically for pet owners, the BISSELL® SmartClean Pet is a highly powerful bagless canister vacuum cleaner with automatic floor recognition. The SmartClean senses the kind of surface it's cleaning, optimising the power accordingly. It has exceptional vacuuming power for rapid removal of dust and debris, while the motorized Tangle-Free Brush Roll picks up embedded hair and dirt, eliminating irritating hair wrap once and for all.
Introducing the BISSELL SmartClean Pet

Automatic floor type recognition

The SmartClean Pet can sense whether it is being used on hard floors, carpets or area rugs, and it can automatically adjust the suction power to suit the type of floor. This allows you move seamlessly through your home without changing any settings yourslef, giving you optimal cleaning performance.

Motorized nozzle with tangle-free brushroll

The innovative tangle-free brushroll prevents hair and fur from wrapping and tangling around the brush - perfect for pet owners! 

Extendable cleaning wand, with 12 metre cleaning radius

Say goodbye to cobwebs - the extendable wand allows you clean in high up, or hard-to-reach places. It is ideal if you have high ceilings. 

Versatile tools for cleaning above floor level

The integrated dusting brush is perfect for vacuuming sofas, pet beds, mattresses and more. The SmartClean also comes with a crevice tool, for getting into tight spaces. 

Adaptable cleaning head

You can use the cleaning head at the end of the wand, for vacuuming your floors, or attach the head to the handle - this allows you to clean your stairs, furniture, mattresses and more. 

Easily clean under furniture

The low-profile cleaning head can lie almost flat, so you can easily reach underneath and around furniture for a thorough clean. 

Hygienic touch-free emptying

The SmartClean Pet uses a hygienic bagless dirt collection system. Inside the chamber, our Cyclonic Spooling system causes the dirt and dust to collect into one piece, which can then be emptied out into the bin without you having to touch anything inside.