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Prepare for your big game day party

Prepare for your big game day party

“We want families to enjoy the family room during movie nights and for sports fans to be able to cheer as loud as they can for their favorite team, without dreading the inevitable cleanup that follows,” said Sean Regan, Category Director, BISSELL.

With an action-packed month of sporting events already underway, the team here at BISSELL want to help you ensure that your home is geared up to make the most of the good times ahead. Here are our tips to scoring the winning goal with your guests.


  • Consider the number of quests you will be accommodating when planning seating arrangements. The more the merrier - unless they can’t see the TV!

Clean Up Ahead of Time

  • To prepare your carpets for game day, do a deep clean ahead of time and then a quick vacuum the morning of the event.
  • Clean up any pet hair – make sure your carpet, couch and chairs have been vacuumed and wiped down.
  • Clean out your fridge and make room for party food.
  • Dust your TV, mantle, coffee table and end tables.
  • Clear leaves and dirt from your driveway and front entrance.

Stock Up

  • Be sure to buy enough food to cater for the number of guests you’ll be hosting.
  • Check if any guests have dietary requirements ahead of time – it’s a good idea to have some plant-based and gluten free options just in case!
  • Get all your grocery shopping done well ahead of time. Stock up on ingredients, drinks, supplies and bags of ice.
  • Ensure that you have extra rubbish bags and paper towels on hand.
  • If you plan to use your barbecue, make sure it’s clean and ready to use and ensure that you have all the cooking utensils you need.

Set Up the Room

  • Set up your dining room table or buffet table with napkins, plates, serving spoons, cutlery, dishes, glasses, etc. ahead of time.
  • Place extra seats, chairs and cushions in your TV room — arrange them to ensure that everyone can see the TV, without blocking access to the snacks and other rooms.
  • Remove anything unnecessary or fragile from the TV room –you don’t want anyone knocking over your prized antique vase when their team scores.
  • Put enough coasters out to avoid anyone having to look for one during that critical moment in the game.


  • Cool glasses in the freezer overnight.
  • Chill drinks ahead of time.
  • Fill a coolbox or bucket with ice, so you can have a supply of cold drinks near the TV.

Keep Drinks Flowing

  • Consider having a cooler stocked with ice, beer and soft drinks near the couch.
  • Drink options don’t have to end at beer, consider offering cocktails and/or wine options.
  • Prepare a non-alcoholic beverage such as homemade punch.
  • Don’t forget to make provisions for tea and coffee.

Keep Food Coming

  • Stick to food that’s easy to serve and eat.
  • Offer a variety of food, including some of your big game favourites.
  • Make easy homemade dips to accompany store-bought crisps and snacks.
  • Use your slow cooker — you can even serve straight from it.
  • Pile a veggie plate high and keep refilling it with fresh, cold dip.
  • Offer different levels of spiciness — mild to hot salsa, guacamole and chicken wings.
  • Don’t let food that can spoil sit out for more than 2 hours.
  • Make sure there are vegan, and gluten-free options.

Plan for the Kids

  • Set up a play area for kids, and an area where those who don’t want to watch the game can socialise.
  • why not set up goal posts or a mini pitch in the garden?
  • Remember to set out some fun party food options, just for the kids.

Plan for unexpected mess

With all the excitement and the kids playing in and out of the house, you are bound to have one or two unexpected spills on your carpets or hard floors. Make sure you have one of BISSELL’s spot cleaning appliances at your side. View our range of compact carpet cleaners, steam mops, cordless vacuum cleaners or spot & stain manual carpet shampoos.

Follow these tips to prepare and host your big game day party and you’re sure to have a happy crowd, no matter the result!