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Reduce Your Energy Usage With a Power-Efficient Carpet Cleaner
With energy costs rising, it is important to reduce consumption and cut down bills. Lower power appliances such as carpet cleaners are one way to achieve this.
Reduce Your Energy Usage With a Power-Efficient Carpet Cleaner

With the cost of energy in the UK now twice as high as last year and a wider cost of living crisis, we are all looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy we are using in our homes.

A great way we can cut down our energy bills is to move towards appliances that have lower power consumption, from washing machines to carpet cleaners. These days, factoring in running costs is an important consideration when choosing the best product for your needs. Visiting independent websites such as Sust-it can provide guidance on the power rating and cost of running a range of different appliances.

BISSELL tops the ‘Carpet Vacuum Cleaners’ category

In Sust-it’s rating of which vacuum cleaners for carpets have the lowest running costs, BISSELL products hold all of the top 3 positions and 7 of the top 10 positions. BISSELL carpet cleaners provide all the cleaning power you need and are cheaper to run than the majority of their competitors.


The most power-efficient carpet cleaner

The top spot goes to the BISSELL SpotClean™. At only 330W it is calculated to cost £0.11/hour to run based on the October 2022 UK Energy Price Guarantee.

The BISSELL SpotClean™ is a practical spot cleaner that quickly and easily removes stains wherever you find them. The innovative Heatwave technology uses heat from the motor to keep the clean water tank warm for superb cleaning power.

With a compact, slimline design it can be conveniently stored away and easily fits on a stair. Find out more about the BISSELL SpotClean™ here.


An ultra-lightweight carpet cleaner and washer

The BISSELL HydroWave™ carpet cleaner comes in second place at 385W and has an hourly running cost of £0.13.

As the BISSELL HydroWave™ washes your carpet, it removes more bacteria and allergens than would be removed by vacuuming alone. The large motorised brush roll with 10 rows of DeepReach PowerBrush bristles loosens and removes dirt, removing what traditional vacuum cleaners leave behind.

When using CleanShot™ to pre-treat before cleaning, the BISSELL HydroWave™ can tackle the most stubborn stains. Find out more here.


A powerful carpet cleaner and washer with a small footprint

With a 600W motor and a running cost of £0.20 per hour, the BISSELL PowerClean has a small footprint and can be easily stored away, making it perfect for smaller living spaces. At only 5.6kg the carpet cleaner is light and easy to manoeuvre.

The separate tanks for clean water and dirty water mean that you will never put dirty water back onto your carpets and the DeepReach PowerBrush makes light work of everyday messes and stains.

With easy to remove tanks and a removable nozzle, maintenance and cleaning are simple. Find out more about the BISSELL PowerClean here.


A range of powerful carpet cleaners with low running costs

As well as the top 3 products, there are another 4 BISSELL devices in the Sust-it top 10 that can provide high-quality carpet cleaning at a lower running cost than much of the competition. These include the BISSELL SpotClean Pro and the BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro.

As another top 10 product, the BISSELL 2X Revolution Pet Pro, only costs £0.27/hour to run and has been shown to out-clean the leading rental, but has significantly lower power consumption than commercial products which typically cost about twice as much to run.

When you are looking for your next carpet cleaner, choosing BISSELL will give you powerful cleaning performance and cost less to run than other carpet cleaning brands. Check out the full range of BISSELL Carpet Cleaners here.

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